Item Restrictions

Neve's Uniform's purchase policy on law enforcement-only products requires that we verify that an individual or Agency is in fact a law enforcement agent or Agency. We feel that such a policy contributes to Homeland Security, and in so doing helps all of us. We also feel that, in lieu of several recent high-profile police impersonation cases, it's prudent to have such a policy in place. Firearms and ammunition purchases require original letterhead and copies of police ID and drivers license before firearm can be released.

In order to verify an officer's or Agency's identity, we require the following:

If the Law Enforcement Only product that is being purchased is for an individual officer that is affiliated with a Federal, state or local law enforcement agency, then a copy of your Police ID or a copy of an authorization letter written by a superior, on department letterhead, will suffice and can be mailed or faxed to us at 303-455-4407

For Departmental purchase of Law Enforcement Only items, we will need a Departmental Purchase Order, or an authorization letter, on department letterhead, mailed or faxed to us at 303-455-4407

Departmental Online Registration with Neve's Uniforms will also allow for purchase of Law Enforcement Only items.


If a firearm purchase is made in one of our stores and is for an individual that is affiliated with a Federal, state or local law enforcement agency, then a Police ID or an Original copy of an authorization letter written by a superior, on department letterhead, and a drivers license will suffice.

If an individual officer wishes to have a firearm shipped to him, we must receive an ORIGINAL copy of a departmental authorization letterhead  and a copy of your police ID and a copy of your Drivers License mailed or hand delivered, faxed letterheads can not be accepted.  Firearms can only be shipped to Police or Federal agencies or to another FFL holder.

If firearms ammunition, or explosive devices purchase is for a Department then confirmation by an Original copy of a letterhead or original copy of a purchase order is required and must be mailed or hand delivered.

If and FET is required for the purchase of a firearm or ammunition then an original copy of the FET must be received by mail or hand delivered before product can be delivered.

FFL's or other licenses may be required prior to purchase of some firearms, ammunition or munitions.

In the case of purchases made by private security firms, we need to verify that the firm is licensed by a state or governmental agency to conduct business. A copy of the business license from the issuing state will be required. Security Guards working for a Security Firm will need an original copy of a letterhead from the company owner or supervisor authorizing the individual to purchase items will be required. Security Guards with a valid Security ID will also be allowed to purchase.

These items that can be mailed to:

5120 Osage St., #200
Denver, Colorado 80221
P 303-455-7000

Items that can be Faxed:


Items that can be Scanned and emailed:

When we have verified that an individual or agency is a member of the law enforcement community, we will then remove the restrictions from the agency or individual's user account. When the individual or agency logs in they will be able then be able to purchase the Law Enforecement Restricted items on

Please note that due to paperwork and ATF requirements, Firearms cannot be purchased on the web, and require that the officer or agency either respond to one of our locations with proper id and letterhead, or contact us for details on purchasing by mail.

Shipping Law Enforcement Products-
As a company, we are restricted from shipping some of the products we sell into certain states. These restrictions can vary from product to product, and we will make every attempt to clarify what website items can be sent where. As a rule, we can ship any of our online products to addresses in Colorado. Some items may require additional ATF or other Haz Mat fees or original paperwork.

For more information on purchasing any restricted item, please contact us.


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