Q. How is the freight calculated on my order?
A. Our website is linked directly to the UPS servers and uses the total weight of the items on your order to calculate the exact freight at the time you hit the submit order button.

Q. Why is UPS the only choice I have for shipping, why can I not select US. Mail?
A. Shipping via UPS allows both us and our customers to track their orders and to confirm delivery. In the past we use to allow shipping by US Mail but to many packages were lost in transit and with no proof of delivery, products had to be replaced to the customer.  If you would like us to use the US Postal Service to send your order and not use UPS, then please call us after you place your order and we can adjust the shipping cost to reflect US MAIL costs.  However please understand that if you do this, you will be accepting the responsibility for the delivery of the package and if it is lost in transit the products will not be replaced or refunded.

Q. I ordered some garments and they do not fit, what should I do?
A. Just give us a call and we will send you a call tag to return the item for exchange.

Q.  I placed an order using an expidited delivery how long does it take to get my order once it is shipped. 
A: For deliveries such as Red Label Overnight, Blue Label Second Day, 3 Day Select or other such shipping methods, delivery time does not start unitl the day after it is  actually shipped and does not begin the day you place your order.   There are times when items require alterations, embroidery, or need to be factory back ordered and do not ship the same day as you placed your order. 



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